Why am I receiving automatic upgrade notices?

After your free trial ends and you become an active client on our Advanced service level, your first 6 months on service are subject to automatic upgrades based on your usage. We continuously monitor the number of minutes you are using each month. Based on the plan you select, going over a certain number of minutes each month will actually wind up costing you more. So to help you keep costs down, we automatically upgrade you to the next highest plan.

Each of our plans has a minute threshold, and staying at or below that threshold means that the current plan is cost-effective. Once you go over the number of minutes included in your plan, your overage charges would exceed the cost of the next highest plan. This is why we automatically upgrade you – it ensures that your invoice is as low as it can be each month.

Upgrades occur retroactively as long as they are within the same billing month. For example, if you are on the 100-minute plan as of January 1 st, but by mid-January you’ve already exceeded the per-minute cost effectiveness of 176 minutes, you would be automatically bumped up to the 220-minute plan to keep your overage charges down. Note that automatic upgrades are for 1 month only, and subsequent months go back to the plan you originally selected. If you exceed 3 one-month upgrades, we would permanently upgrade you to the next highest plan on the subsequent upgrade.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind about automatic upgrades:

  • Automatic upgrades are mandatory during the first 6 months of service.
  • They only apply to our Advanced service level clients.
  • New clients are required to be on the most cost-effective rate plan based on your usage. If you exceed your plan's cost-effectiveness, you will be automatically upgraded using the credit card on file.
  • If you have been on service longer than 6 months and you exceed the cost-effectiveness of your rate plan by 2 levels, e.g., if you exceed both the 100 and 220-minute plans, and your usage spikes to the 500-minute plan, you will be automatically upgraded using the credit card on file.
  • If you exceed usage for your account, an email will be sent to your master login email.
  • Depending on how quickly you are accruing minutes, you may also receive an alert email and text letting you know that the account will be upgraded once a threshold level is reached. This alert would occur before you’ve reached the threshold.
  • Auto upgrades are due upon receipt, and we will use your credit card on file to process payment. Bank drafts or paper checks are not permitted to fund these upgrades.
  • If the payment fails for any reason, your account will be suspended. Suspension is a system-controlled process and is dependent upon several factors such as your suspension or payment history, any open invoices you may have, the amount that you went over your current plan, and how long you’ve been a customer. Suspensions may be immediate, or may occur 24 hours after you receive a suspension alert.
  • Once an account has been suspended, all open invoices are required to be paid in order to reactivate service. 
  • If you reactivate your account following suspension, you are required to be on the most cost-effective rate plan for 3 months, where automatic upgrades will go back into place.

We want all of our clients to have a great experience on service. That is why the automatic upgrade system is in place – to help you stay on budget by reducing your overage charges. If you have any questions about this process or you’d like to upgrade to a new plan, feel free to contact our customer service department.

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  • 1-866-688-8912

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