Does SAS offer per-call answering service billing?

SAS offers a per-call answering service called SAS Essentials, which bills by the call count instead of by the minute. Since this is a per-call service, not every account will qualify for our Essentials plan, and account requirements must be manually reviewed before an account can be started at the Essentials level. Your account may qualify for Essentials if:

  • You want the answering service agent to act like your receptionist. For example, we would be gathering the caller's name, number, email, and reason for call. We would also be able to screen and transfer calls accordingly.
  • You do not need bilingual agents.
  • You're looking for a "mom and pop" type service where the agents sound like they're working right in your office. 

Per Call Billing by Call Counts

Unlike our standard per-minute pricing, our Essentials program is billed by the call count, or by the unit. Call counts, or units, include any inbound action, outbound action, email, text, fax, or page. So, in addition to the phone calls you receive, any text, fax, or email is calculated as a billable unit. For example, if we receive a call and email you the details, that sequence would be two billable call counts/units.

Features Under SAS Essentials

The focus of our our Essentials program is not on features as much as it is on developing the best live virtual receptionist system to deliver the perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism when answering your calls. Essentials virtual receptionists deliver truly memorable experiences on every call.

  • The Essentials call center is small (less than 25 agents), which means you'll get to know all of the virtual receptionists answering your calls - and they'll get to know you, too.
  • You can call your forward number anytime and ask the agents to retrieve your messages, make script changes, adjust your on-call, update transfer numbers and more - all in real time.
  • With per-call answering service billing, depending on how you use the service, it can be a budget friendly alternative to a per-minute live agent service, leaving you more room to reinvest in your own business.
  • Our receptionists can take messages, transfer calls, and be generally amazing, 24 hours a day!
  • Our Essentials service maintains HIPAA HITECH compliance by sending messages via fax.

SAS Essentials Does Not Include the Same Features as Our Per-Minute Service

There are certain features that are not available under the Essentials package, such as:

  • The ability to program complex call handling with if/then statements, conditional scripting, and other call center-centric applications.
  • There is no web portal or mobile app access. However, Essentials accounts can request a daily report of messages sent to them via email or fax.
  • Call recordings are not available to Essentials customers.
  • Instant access to reports, messaging, and online script editing is not available on Essentials.
  • Automatic billing alerts are not available on Essentials.

SAS Essentials Pricing

Our per-call answering service pricing under our Essentials plan is charged as a base rate that includes an allowance of calls per month, as well as a rate for each call/unit over your monthly allotment. Your first invoice on Essentials follows the same structure as our per-minute service level, where the base rate for the current month is prorated, and the full base rate for the upcoming month is billed in advance.

  • Economy: $35/mo. + $1.05 overage
  • 50 Call: $79/mo. + $1.05 overage
  • 100 Call: $119/mo. + $0.89 overage
  • 250 Call: $214/mo. + $0.89 overage
  • 500 Call: $389/mo. + $0.89 overage
  • 1000 Call: $750/mo + $0.89 overage

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for our Essentials service, listen to a sample call, or to find out more details about the capabilities on Essentials, please contact our sales department at or at 1-888-532-4794.

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