Letting your callers rate the operators

At SAS, we are always looking for ways to fine tune the services we provide. We welcome feedback from our clients regarding every aspect of the service, including the operators' performance. If you have call recording activated on your account, then you have the ability to review calls and provide valuable input into what our operators do well, and what they can improve.

Sometimes though, it's even more important to solicit direct feedback from your customers. Afterall, they have firsthand experience with our operators! This is also a great tool for clients who choose not to have their calls recorded. You may not be able to listen to calls yourself, but you can still find out how your customers feel about how they were treated. That's where  User ratings come in.

Here's how it works. During the course of the call, the operator will need to document the caller's email address. Just before they close the call, they will click on the  User ratings integration link, and the system will automatically email your customer, asking them to rate the operator who took their call. It is a breeze to set up, and once integrated into your call script, every caller who provides an email address will receive the brief survey.

Follow the instructions below to configure User ratings!

Adjust the Web Page Parameters

1. Log in to SAS Desk, and click Settings in the upper right corner.

2. Scroll down the page to the  User ratings section, where you'll see your active campaigns listed.

3. Click the  More button to the right of the campaign where you'd like to add User ratings.

The ratings settings will be displayed, and the default options  Optional note in rating and Optional name in rating will be checked. If you don't want your customers to have the option to leave their name or a specific comment, uncheck either or both of these options.

4. On the right, you can personalize the web page by adding your company  Logo. Browse to find the image, and then click Upload.

Below the  Options menu, you'll find the default text that will be displayed when your customers click the ratings link. Text for public page will show you the heading for each page.

To the right, you'll see the corresponding  Intro TextOptional Text, and a brief note of Thanks.

5. If you'd like to customize the web page headings or text, click  Customize text from the Options menu and type in your preferred phrasing.

Keep in mind that even if you are not using the Optional fields, those boxes must contain at least 1 character in order to save your configuration.

6. Under  Email to caller, select the From name and Reply email. If nothing appears in the dropdown menu, then you'll need to configure an outbound mailbox.

Note that if you do not set an outbound mailbox, messages will be sent from SAS (notifications@sasdesk.com), which your customers will not recognize.

On the right, you'll see the  Email subject and Email body. Unlike the web page headings and text, these fields include static phrasing that cannot be customized.

Integrate User Ratings into Your Script

With all of your integration settings complete, you'll need to add the integration into your SAS script.

1. Click the  Save button in the lower right corner.

2. To check out the page as if you were a customer, click the Preview button to the left of the green Integrate button. The web page will open in a new tab. You can make edits to the configuration at any point. Don't forget to click Save.

3. Now click the Integrate button. A pop-up will open containing the integration link. Right click to copy the link text, or highlight the link with your cursor and press CTRL+C. Then, click  OK.

4. To complete the integration, follow the web pop instructions in this article. For convenience, paste the integration link into Word or Notepad. You'll need this handy to paste into the web pop.

View Your Customer's Input

If your customers choose to review our operators, you'll find the  Caller rating and comments in the Call Details view, just below the operator's picture. SAS will analyze this data to pinpoint areas of improvement and continue to give your callers the best customer service experience possible!

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