How to integrate a Reach On-Call Schedule into your script

NOTE: As of Spring 2020, some internal and user-facing SAS systems have been updated to better suit the needs of our customers. Because of these updates, your online portal view may look different than the pictures shown below. If your portal looks different, please refer to this article for updated instructions.

Following are instructions on how to integrate your Reach On-Call schedule into your script. 

1. Click the green Integrate button to the right of the Reach On-Call schedule you need to add to your script.

Note that if this button is black, your schedule has already been integrated and there is no need to continue.

A pop-up will open asking you to select the default staff member whom we will reach in the event that the link is inactive.

2. First, use the Choose Your Employee drop down to select your backup contact.

3. Then, use the Choose The Reach Phone drop down to select the corresponding number.

4. Once you've set both drop downs, the blue Next button will be operational. Click Next to continue.

A pop-up will open including the complete instructions and on-call link that you'll need to integrate into the script.

5. Use your cursor to highlight the entire block of text below Post the link below into your script, and then right click or press CTRL+C to copy the details. Once you have copied the content, click the yellow Close button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

6. At this point, you'll need to access the call script. Click Scripts from the menu on the left, and then click the Details icon to the far right of the script that will include your Reach On-Call schedule.

7. On the next screen, click the blue Edit your script button in the top right corner.

The Call Script Builder pop-up will open.

8. In the Call Script Builder, click the + sign to expand the path that results in a Reach On-Call, and then click the Closing step. All Closing steps will have a green dot to the left of the step name. This is where you will paste the integration text you copied.

9. Right click or press CTRL+V to paste the text into the blank Instructions box. Don't forget to click Save in the bottom left corner of the step.

During programming, default text may have been included in the Instructions box. Just paste your text in its place.

The link for this specific schedule will never change, so there is no need to update the link if you make changes to your schedule via your portal.

Now that you've integrated the instructions, the green Integrate button to the right of the on-call schedule name will turn black, and it will say Integrated.

NOTE: Some integrations and access to external websites are restricted to designated operator distribution groups. If you are adding either to your script, please reach out so we can make sure your account is assigned to the proper distribution. 

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