What does Use Location Information mean?

Our call center software provides an easy way for you to update the number our agents use when transferring phone calls. We use a specific step type called a Warm Transfer step, which gives our agents the ability to transfer, or forward, callers to an external number. If you already have this type of step in your script, it will look like the screen below:

When building a Warm or Cold Transfer into your script, you'll have two methods where you can specify what number we should be dialing when trying to reach out:

  • Transfer Number: By entering a number here, you are hard-coding a number into the script. If you ever need to change the transfer number, you'll just need to navigate to this script step. Just change the number, click save, and it will update in the live script.
  • Use Profile Information: If this is checked, the Transfer Number will populate with all 0's and the system will use the Phone Number listed in the profile assigned to the path. To update this, just edit the profile and change the phone number. This option may also be checked if a transfer is only occurring during or after business hours, and would pull the business hours from the profile to which the path is assigned. Please note that each path is automatically assigned to the default profile unless otherwise specified. However, you can assign a distinct profile for each branch of your path.

If you want to learn more about transfer options or add this option to your script, please read about how to add a warm transfer or cold transfer step to your script.

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