Can the Address step accept foreign addresses?

In addition to script steps that can be built from scratch, there are a number of pre-built script step options available in the Call Script Builder. When the Address step is selected, it will populate with 5 separate fields: Address1, Address2, ZipCode, City and State. The Address step can accept both U.S. zip codes and Canadian postal codes, but it cannot accept other international addresses.

When working with accounts that are based in Canada and require a Canadian address, the address step must be slightly modified to account for Canadian postal codes and provinces. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to update an address step so that it is compatible with Canadian addresses.

The default Address step will look just like the picture below.

For Canadian addresses, we will modify the ZipCode and State fields.

1. Instead of asking the caller for their zip code, we will ask them for their postal code. An instruction will also be included for the operator to ensure it is entered appropriately and recognized by the system.

May I have your postal code? (R)(CSR: Enter in format A1A 1A1)(E)

2. Instead of asking the caller for their state, we will ask them for their province. Once your changes have been made, your Address step should look like the one below.

If you would like us to collect international addresses from your callers, we can do this by including a "Free Text" step. The operators can document the callers' information all in the same step, or we can include multiple steps for Address, Country, etc.

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