Viewing survey results

If you've added a Survey to your call script, the survey app will track all data taken by the operators, as well as surveys completed by your customers.

Surveys List

Any surveys you create will be displayed in the  Surveys list in the order that they were made.

From the surveys list, you can view how many  Responses have come in, click to Edit details such as the title, introduction or status, Clone the survey, or click Results to see a detailed account of questions, responses, and any trends in data.

Survey Results

Clicking on the  Results button will bring up graphs and charts to help you view all results at a glance.

You'll see the first survey question on the left along with a circle graph and response data. Hover over any part of the graph to display specific statistics, and click the grey box to advance forward or backward through your survey questions.

You can also adjust the graph view by clicking the  bar graph icon in the upper right corner, or click See all questions to view all questions and data in a pop-up.

Survey Summary

On the right side of the Results screen, you'll see a  Summary chart indicating the number of responses, survey status, number of questions answered, and more.

Data Trends

At the bottom of the Result screen, the  Data Trends line graph will show you MonthlyDaily or Weekly data, depending on which option you select from the right side dropdown list.

Downloading Survey Results

To download your survey results, click the  Download results .xls button in the top left corner of the Results page. All survey details will download to a CSV file, which you can open and save in Excel.

Resetting Your Survey

You may want to use the same survey at different times throughout the year and keep track of results for each time frame. You can easily  reset survey responses from a previously used survey by clicking the grey counterclockwise arrow to the left of the Edit button.

The following pop-up will ask you to confirm that you'd like to delete all survey results. Keep in mind that once you click  Yes, the data cannot be retrieved.

Closing a Survey

All surveys will remain in Open status until you choose to close them. To close a survey, click the  Edit button to the right of the appropriate survey. In the upper right corner of the next screen, use the dropdown list to select Survey closed.

If your customers try to access the link for a closed survey, they will see a message letting them know that the survey has been closed. You can reopen a survey at any time by selecting Survey open from the dropdown list.

Don't forget to click  Save changes in the lower right corner to update the survey status.

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