How to configure the SAS Survey App

Surveys are a great way to gauge customers' experiences with your business, whether you are polling them regarding a recent customer service interaction, specific products, or a trip to your retail store. With the SAS Desk Survey App, you can use surveys to check in with your callers during or after they contact your business. There are four possibilities:

  1. Operators can ask survey questions while on an inbound phone call.
  2. Operators can ask survey questions while on an outbound phone call.
  3. Operators can click a link that will automatically email a survey to your callers.
  4. You can copy the survey link and send it directly from your own email platform.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

Add a Survey

1. Click  Apps from the left side menu.

3. On the next screen, click the  Add new survey button.

Add the Title, Introduction, Closing and Logo

1. After you've clicked Add new survey, you'll need to create a Title, Introduction and Closing for your survey. If you'll be emailing this survey link to callers, then you'll also want to upload your business logo.


This can be anything from "Customer Satisfaction Survey" to "Help Us Improve!" Personalize your title based on the questions you'll be asking.


When the survey link is clicked, the viewer will see a pop-up including your Introduction. If operators will be doing phone surveys, they'll read this to callers.


After the viewer submits the online survey, they will see a pop-up including your  Closing. If operators will be doing phone surveys, they'll read this to callers.


For surveys that will be emailed to your callers, you can personalize the message by adding your  Logo or an image that customers are familiar with.

To update your logo, you can use the  Remove or Replace buttons to the right of the image.

2. Once you've completed the details above, click the  Next step button in the bottom right corner to start building your survey.

Adding Alerts, Randomizing Questions, and Having Operators Conduct the Survey

Adding Alerts

If you'd like to receive an alert when your survey has been submitted, check the  Survey alert box and add your preferred notification email in the box to the right.

Randomizing Questions and Having Operators Survey Your Callers

Checking the box next to  Randomize the questions will configure your questions and headlines in a different order each time the survey is accessed.

Surveys can be emailed to your callers after the call, or you can click  Administered by call center to opt to conduct the survey via phone. In this case, it would be best not to randomize the questions. Keeping questions and headlines in a static order will help the operators quickly become familiar with the process and improve call flow.

Adding Survey Questions

1. Select the radio button next to your first survey question type. You can choose from the following options:

  • Multiple Choice - choose one or more answers from a list of options
  • Ranking - rank options in order of importance
  • Yes/No - answer questions with Yes, No or Maybe
  • Single Textbox - answer questions with a short answer
  • Multiple Textbox - answer multiple questions with short answers
  • Date/Time - respondents are asked to include a specific date and time, e.g. their last appointment
  • Dropdown - choose options from a dropdown list

2. Then, type your question, and click  Add new option to enter response options.

3. Once you've entered the question details, click the  Add question button on the right.

Questions will be displayed under the  Question section in the order they were entered.

Move, Copy or Edit Questions

After you've entered your questions, click the  EditCopy or Move buttons to make adjustments.


Click  Edit to update the content of any existing questions.


Use  Copy to duplicate a specific question format and change the content. For example, you might use this feature if you need to create multiple choice questions with several options. After you build the first question, copy it, and then edit the details for subsequent questions.


Click the  Move button to drag any question or headline up and down the list. This way, you don't have to worry about building each question in a specific order. You'll be able to move them around afterwards.

Add Survey Headlines

Survey Headline is something that the operators may read in between questions, or a statement that is meant to get the viewer's attention. They will appear in green and can be moved anywhere in the list by clicking and dragging the Move button.

In the example below, we've added a headline that the customer can reference for a discount.

Previewing Your Survey

After you've set up your survey, you can see how it will look by clicking the  Preview survey button in the lower right corner under your survey questions.

Make any necessary changes, such as adding, deleting, moving or editing questions. Then, click  Save & continue.

Publish Your Survey

After you click Save & continue. you'll return to the main page. This is where you'll Publish your survey. As the note below says, once you click  Publish survey, you will not be able to make any additional edits.

Review Your Survey

To come back to the survey at another time, click  Save & Exit rather than Publish survey.

Review the survey before publishing by clicking the  Edit button. This will give you an opportunity to update the title, introduction, closing or logo that you added initially. In the upper right corner of the next screen, click Edit title, introduction, closing and logo in the grey bar, and make your changes.

Don't forget to click  Save & continue!

When you're ready to publish, click  Publish survey, and you'll see a pop-up that includes an integration link. Right click to copy the link text, or highlight the link with your cursor and press CTRL+C. Then, click OK.

To complete the integration, follow the web pop instructions in this article.

Adding a Link to Email the Survey to Callers

If you'd like the operators to email your survey to callers, then you'll need to configure an outbound mailbox, and Create an email template for your survey. You'll do this after the survey has been published.

From the main page, click the  Edit button to the right of the survey.

On the next screen, scroll to the  Emails section, and click the Create an email button.

The email template pop-up will open. You'll need to complete three sections.


Add a subject header for your message.


Use the drop down to select the outbound mailbox that will be used as the "sender."


Type a message to accompany the email link. Then, drag the  [LinkToSurvey] variable from the Script variables box into the body of the message. This will automatically insert your survey link. You can also customize your note by adding other variables from the list.

Once you've completed your template, click  Save. Then, email the integration link to the Customer Support department, and we will take care of the rest!

For more information on viewing your survey results, visit this tutorial.

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