Adding a Google Calendar path to your call script

We have created a separate set of instructions for the four scenarios in which you might add Google Calendar to your script, along with a tutorial on calendar integration. They apply to both new and existing script paths, as well as accounts that contain one or multiple calendars.  Depending on your preferences, you may want to add "Cancel" and "Reschedule" paths in addition to a "Schedule" path.

Before you get started, here are a few important notes about scripting:

1. Create the script that best represents your business.

Keep in mind that when reviewing your script, you can make changes to any of the language the operators say during the course of a call. For example, instead of having the operators say, “May I please have your first name?” you may want them to say, “I would be happy to help you. Let me take a message and I will have someone return your call. May I please have your first name?” Make the script your own. This way, our operators will sound just the way you would like when they answer your calls.

2. Be on the lookout for Coding.

As you read through your script, you may see various letters in parentheses such as (L), (R), (E) and so forth. Be careful not to delete these. They are a form of coding that may include special instructions for the operators, or may make the text appear a certain way so that it stands out. For information on coding, check out these articles on Programming Short Codes and Color Coding Your Script.

3. Review your Verifications.

Most fields in your script will show two check boxes below the Text box:  Required and Skip Verification. To see how activating either of these check boxes will change how our operators handle your calls, read through the article, Requiring Script Steps and Skipping Verifications.

Follow these tutorials to get your Google Calendar integrated into your call script:

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