Adjusting your appointment settings

As of February 4th 2020, the ability to adjust appointment settings via the SAS calendar will be disabled. To make updates, please contact Customer Support via email at or by telephone at (866) 688-8912. 

The SAS Calendar offers seamless scheduling integration into your call script. SAS answers the call, the customer requests to schedule, cancel, or re-schedule an appointment, and the call script software looks up the appointment settings linked to your location and responds with the correct screen for the agents.

If you are using the SAS Calendar to schedule appointments for your business, you will need to adjust your Appointment Settings to be sure that our operators are scheduling appointments at the appropriate times. Keep in mind that these settings do not apply to any 3rd party calendar app integration.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Adjust your Time Settings, including Limitation, Frequency and Earliest Appointment: Your time settings control things like how many appointments we can schedule in a day, how long your appointments are, and how soon we can schedule your next appointment.
  • Adjust your Closed Settings: If your office is closed or you are unable to take appointments for any given time, you would list those times here.
  • See your Location Settings at a glance: Once you've adjusted your appointment settings, see an overview to make sure everything is as you programmed it.

Adjusting Time Settings

1. From the home page, click on  Locations in the menu on the left. You will see a list of locations along with the message delivery preference for each location.

2. To adjust your appointment settings, click on the blue  Edit button to the far right of the location you would like to edit. This will take you to the Location Edit page.

3. From this page, scroll down to the bottom where you will see a section called  Time settings. This section manages your appointment settings through 3 dropdown boxes: Limitation, Frequency, and Earliest appointment.

Set the Limitation

Limitation denotes the number of appointments we can set in a given period of time. For example, if you only want 3 appointments per day, you would set 3 here. After we set 3 appointments for any given day, we will no longer be able to schedule on that day.

Set the Frequency

Adjust the  Frequency to set how often we can book appointments on your calendar. For example, if each appointment needs a 1 hour slot, you would choose 'Every hour' here. If your appointments are shorter and you only need 15 minutes for each, you would choose 'Every 15 minutes.'

Set the Earliest Appointment

Change the  Earliest appointment setting so that we know the soonest you accept new appointments. Same Day means if we get a call today, your schedule will accept appointments today. Next Day means today will be locked and we will be able to schedule as early as tomorrow. After 2 Days means today and tomorrow will be locked for new appointments, and After 3 Days means we won't be able to schedule any appointments until 3 days from now.

4. Once you have made the necessary changes, click the yellow  Update button next to Time settings. This will save all of your changes.

Adjust Closed Settings

1. At the bottom of the screen you will see  Closed settings. Closed settings can be used to block off certain dates and times on your calendar. Any dates and times you've blocked will be unavailable for our operators. This is great if you're taking a vacation, leaving early, or closing your office for a holiday.

2. Click the box labeled  Today and use the calendar pop-up to select your closed date.

3. After your date is selected, you'll need to set your  From and To times from each respective dropdown. Please note that if you are closed for the entire day, you can leave it as From 12:00 AM To 12:00 AM.

4. Once you have set the date and times to be blocked off, click the blue  Add button. If you've added the closed date successfully, you'll see the date and time appear on the right.

Location Settings Overview

1. You can see your appointment settings on this screen, but sometimes it's easier to see an overview. To see your Location settings at a glance, click the blue  Return to overview button at the top of the Location page.

2. The overview page will display your  Business hours on the left, and just below, you will see your Message delivery contact for that location. On the right, you will see your Closed dates as well as your Appointment settings.

Success! You've just adjusted your appointment times and were able to view settings to make sure you've set everything correctly.

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