Numbering paths in your script

NOTE: As of Spring 2020, some internal and user-facing SAS systems have been updated to better suit the needs of our customers. Because of these updates, your online portal view may look different than the pictures shown below. If your portal looks different, please refer to this article for updated instructions.

Your script most likely contains several paths. These paths are called options, and they are presented to the telephone answering service agents as elements in a drop down menu. When an agent takes a call, they assess the options with respect to the caller's requirements and choose the best path to take by selecting the path Name from the menu. In the Call Script Builder, you are able to edit the order in which these paths are presented to the operator.

Setting an order is a good idea if there are particular call paths that the operators would frequently use. For example, if you run an after-hours emergency line, then chances are that most calls will be Emergency calls. This path should be listed first to increase operator efficiency. In this tutorial, we'll learn how a to set the order of your script path options. Scroll down to get started!

Setting the Order of Your Options

When you add paths to your script without numbering them, their default order will be alphabetical, and each path will be numbered '1'. This is fine if you have just a few options in your script. However, if your script contains more than 5 paths, or if the majority of your calls will be going to one path, you'll want to move the most common script path to the top. You can choose to reorder all paths, or you can simply list them as '2', which will leave the remaining paths in alphabetical order below.

To reorder your path options, follow these simple steps.

1. First, let's start by opening the Call Script Builder. You'll do this by clicking on Scripts from the left navigation menu, followed by the Details icon for the script you are editing. Once you are on the Script Details page, you'll need to click the Edit your script button at the top of the page.

2. In the Call Script Builder, click on the first step below the Script Name. This will usually be a Logic Option containing your live greeting. Keep in mind that any script step can have an option junction like this. In our example, the logic option step is labeled CallReason.

In the lower left corner of the step, click on  View Options.

3. A pop-up will open showing you all of the different options the operators have when they get to this point in the script. The path labeled "Account Owner Calling In" will always be listed as the last option in your set, and is usually numbered 10. Please note that this path is built into every Specialty Answering Service script in the event you call your forward number for support. During SAS business hours, our operators can transfer you back to our Customer Service team. After-hours, they can take a support ticket, but are not able to make any script or account changes.

4. Click the  Edit link to the right of the path that you would like to renumber. The line will be highlighted in yellow. Enter the new number in the first box on the left. Then, click Update on the far right. If you don't click Update, your new path order will not apply.

5. Once you are finished renumbering each path, ensuring that Account Owner Calling In remains last, click the  X in the upper right corner of the pop-up to return to the main scripting screen.

6. Finally, click  Save in the bottom left corner of the first step, and your paths will repopulate in your desired order.

Way to go! You've just changed the order of your script paths and helped the operators answer your calls even better.

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