Customizing Your Flex Messages

After our call center agents take a phone call, you can be automatically notified via email and/or text. If you choose to receive messages via text, you can customize the notifications so that they contain the specific call details you need. This quick tutorial will show you how.

Click the  Profiles tab from the left-side navigation panel. Then, select the Profile you wish to update. 

Once you've selected a Profile, scroll down to the section called Contact Methods, and use the toggle to turn SMS messaging ON. The toggle will go from gray to green. In the Cell Phone field, add your cell phone number.
NOTE: You can add up to 5 cell phone numbers to receive texts by clicking + add additional cell phone.

To customize your text messages, check the Customize your text message option. The text box beneath will then become accessible.

Use the Select field dropdown to view all Standard and Custom collectors. Once you select a variable, it will automatically populate in the Copy merge field text box in the appropriate format. 
NOTE: Standard collectors will be listed first, and custom collectors will be listed at the bottom of the dropdown.

Copy the text in the Copy merge field box, and paste it into the Message text box, as shown below. Continue adding the fields you want included in your messages. 

You're not quite finished yet. If you left the message in the above layout, you would receive a super messy text message looking something like TonyStark8666888912Aetna. To clean up the message, you'll add a label before each variable. Your Custom message box should look similar to the example below:

Once you are finished creating your custom text message, click Save

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