Using SAS as an SMS Response Service

SMS Response is a convenient feature that can be utilized if you'd like to have your technicians respond to reach on-call text notifications, or if you'd like to provide your customers with a way to inquire about your business via text message. Texts that we receive to your forward number are handled just as if the operators were taking a live call and following your call script. Here are a few scenarios where SMS would be useful:

To Stop a Reach On-Call

If you have multiple staff in your reach protocol, or if the operator is dialing out a number of times to connect with a technician, using SMS Response will allow your on-call personnel to text back to the service when they receive notification of the call. The text message would pop up on the operator's screen in real time. At that point, the operator would stop making outbound telephone calls to try to reach your staff member. After the call is closed, the dial outs in your call log will be listed as Completed.

To Give Customers a Text Option

This option can unfold in a few ways. 1) The operators would be instructed to use your FAQs to answer customers' questions. 2) Depending on the specific request, operators may be able to follow a script path and document the customer's information just as if they had called in. 3) After receiving a text, the operators can make an outbound call to your customer and follow your script to transfer the call to a specific person or department within your business. We've provided some examples below.

  • If someone texts in requesting business hours, the operators would open your FAQs, provide the details, and then save the interaction as an Information Only call.
  • If someone texts in requesting an appointment, the operators would select your appointment path, write back to the customer for their name, number and desired appointment, schedule an appointment for them, and respond with the appointment date and time.
  • If you have an outbound campaign tied to your account, the operator can call the customer who has just texted in and determine their needs. For example, let's say they would like to speak with your Sales team. At that point, the operator would select the appropriate script path and transfer the caller to the appropriate party at your office.

Should you decide you'd like to add SMS Response to your account, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • This feature only works if your customers text the SAS forward number directly. If they text the number that you have forwarded to us, we will not receive it.
  • If you choose to use this feature, it needs to be built into your script by one of our programmers.
  • If you use our SMS feature, you may see new call results in your portal like SMS Send and SMS Disregard. 
  • If you choose to advertise our number, note that if you decide to leave service at any time, the number is not portable. You can read more about that here.
  • SMS Response is billed at the same rate as live operator time. There is no additional cost to use this feature in conjunction with any inbound or outbound campaign. For our live operator rates, visit our pricing page.
  • SMS transcripts are not available through the portal. However, operators can note what happened during the interaction and save the details just as they can with an Information Only call.
  • While you are able to listen to your phone calls, you are not able to view a transcript of an SMS interaction. If you need a transcript of a specific SMS message, you will need to submit a support ticket.
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