Can you call different on-call personnel based on zip code, type of message, or specialty?

Yes. This is something that would be programmed into your account based on the information you provide. On-call schedules that do not change would be hard-coded into your call script. On-call schedules that rotate would be created using the On-Call App available in SAS Desk, and integrated into your script via a link. Message delivery can also be assigned to different mobile numbers or email addresses, depending on your needs.

On-Call by Zip Code

For zip codes that require different on-call personnel to be reached, we will program the script to connect the zip code the caller provides with the correct on-call rotation. Ideally, a zip code search should be limited to 50 options or less.

On-Call by Type of Message

Message type refers to call type or call reason, and this would be programmed by including different script paths, e.g. Calling for Sales, Calling for Support, etc. Each path would have its own closing including the corresponding on-call rotation.

On-Call by Specialty

Let's say for example that a caller requests service, and the operator goes on to ask if they need assistance with a Plumbing or HVAC issue. The operator would select the appropriate option from a list, and the corresponding on-call rotation would be displayed.

Although you have complete on-demand control over your call script, the above scenarios cannot be programmed through your interface as they require additional profiles, changes to lead distribution, and advanced programming that must be completed by our support team. If this is something that you require, please contact Customer Service so that we can develop the best scripting approach for your business.

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