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How are minutes calculated?

Usage is calculated based on automated minutes, patch minutes, and live operator minutes, and all time is billed in 1-second increments. Automated minutes, which include frontend IVR, voicemail greetings and voicemail talk time, are billed at $0.15 per minute. Patched calls are billed at $0.10 per minute.

Live operator time begins accruing when a call is connected to an operator and stops accruing when the operator disconnects the call. You are not charged for any ring time or if the customer is placed in a hold queue before the operator picks up the phone.

Operator time includes talk time, wrap-up time and disconnect time.
  • Live operator time: The length of time the operator is engaged with the caller on the telephone line. If the caller needs to be placed on hold during the telephone call, this is billable time.
  • Wrap-up time: Any action the operator needs to complete after the call is disconnected, such as sending an email, completing an appointment, reaching on-call personnel, or completing a form field.
  • Disconnect time: The time lapsed after the the caller hangs up the telephone and until the call center operator hangs up the telephone.
You can check your minutes usage at any time by logging in to your portal and viewing the Usage Reports. If you are new to our service or would like to upgrade or downgrade your plan, check here for all of our plans and details.

Note that for questions or updates regarding your account, do not dial your forward number for assistance. The operators cannot make any changes, and you will be billed for any associated call time.

Please contact Customer Service for all account inquiries.

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