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Who records my voicemail or IVR greeting?

We would be happy to record a standard voicemail or IVR greeting for your account, free of charge. Please email the script to our support desk, and we will create the recording in-house. As the greeting is specific to your business, we will not write it for you. But we are happy to make corrections to the pronunciation or greeting style if there is an error in your recording text.

For lengthy greetings, or if you would like our recording artist to record an external greeting for your business, there is a non-refundable $50 charge. External greetings are completed within 7 business days, and the sound file will be emailed to you. If you require significant changes to a lengthy greeting, you may be subject to an additional charge.

If you prefer to record a personal greeting, send an MP3 or WAV file to our support desk and we will upload it to your account.

Listed below are samples of our standard recording options. If there is a particular style or accent that you would like, ask us! Our recording artist may be able to accommodate your needs.

Female: Professional American

Female: Professional American with Advertisement

Female: Bubbly American

Female: Bubbly American with Advertisement

Female: Professional Spanish

Female: Bubbly Spanish

Female: Professional British (UK)

Female: Professional British (UK) with Advertisement

  For more information on how to script your greeting, check out this help desk article.

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