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Explaining Weekday, Date and Time Function Steps

If you'd like calls to be handled differently depending on the day of the week, the date, or the time of day, a Function(DateTime) logic option can be built into your call script that will tell the system to check certain parameters before displaying the operator's next step. This feature is separate from call handling that is controlled based on the open and lunch hours in your location.

Listed below are a few uses for a Function(DateTime) step:
  • WeekdayIs - If your retailer offers different order discounts based on the day of the week. This would be listed as WeekdayIs: Monday, WeekdayIs: Tuesday, and so on.
  • DateIs, DateBefore or DateAfter - If you are going away on vacation and need to route calls to a colleague while you are out. There are two ways to list dates in the call script builder: DateIs: 01/01/2017 or DateIs: 1/01/2017.
  • TimeBefore or TimeAfter - For rotating on-call schedules that are hard-coded into the script and change hands at a specific time of day. For example, TimeAfter: 9:00 AM. This is typically used in conjunction with Weekday and Date steps.
For more information on programming this type of function step into your call script, check out these tutorials:

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