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How to Label a Script Step

The Call Script Builder is a powerful answering service scripting tool. It allows you to make real time changes to the script the call center agents use by adding, editing, or changing script steps. When you're making changes to your script, you'll see that each script step has an associated input area called a Step Label. The main function of Step Labels is to keep your script paths organized.

Customizing Your Step Labels

A Step Label is something that you will customize for each script step. You should set the Step Label appropriately based on the parameters of your script path, as this is what allows you to differentiate between distinct paths. For example, if you have a path for Sales and a path for Service that share some of the same script steps, like First Name and Email, the Step Labels in each respective path should be named so that you can distinguish between them. In this case, the labels would be FirstNameSales and FirstNameService.

In the above example, you'll see that Step Labels are listed as the Field Name (the type of information we are gathering) followed by a unique prefix or suffix. The suffix will denote the path name, e.g. 'LastNameEmergency' with Emergency being the call path.


Pre-Populated Script Labels

There are a number of script steps that when added, will auto-populate a completed Step Label (Field Name + suffix), and a completed path. These steps can be found below the ********* in your Step list.

Pre-programmed steps are automatically labeled, e.g. FirstName + 1. Some of the suffixes of pre-programmed paths are 1, 2, 3, Other, and SpecificPerson. So your path would auto-populate with the Step Labels FirstName1, PhoneNumber3, RegardingSpecificPerson, etc.

Pre-Programmed Path


Matching Step Labels with Your Field Names

As you build new steps, you'll want to make the Step Labels and Field Names match, as you may need to reference these variables elsewhere in the script. For example, let's say you have two paths in your script, "Calling For Sales" and "All Other Calls." In both paths, you built a new step to ask callers, "How did you hear about us?" Your Step Label and Field Name for Calling For Sales may be:
  • Step Label: SourceSales
  • Field Name: SourceSales
While All Other Calls may look like this:
  • Step Label: SourceOther
  • Field Name: SourceOther

Source Other


Proper Labeling for Routing By Hours

Another example of proper labeling can be seen when you are creating specific paths that only trigger during business hours or after hours. When programming paths with business hours criteria, you should use BH to denote Business Hours and AH to denote After Hours. For example, a label of BH_PartsDept for business hours call handling, and AH_PartsDept for after-hours calls would be appropriate. Please see our article on Business Hours vs. After Hours call handling for more information on this type of advanced scripting.

Thanks for learning about Step Labels! For more information on how step labels and field names are used, please read The Function of Step Labels and Field Names.

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