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Customizing Your Text Messages

After our call center agents take a phone call, you can be automatically notified with any combination of email, text, or fax. You can customize text notifications so that they contain the specific call details you need. This quick tutorial will show you how.

1. First, navigate to the Location Details page by clicking on the Locations link from the left side navigation menu, followed by the blue Edit icon next to the location you are editing.

2. Once you've arrived, scroll down to the section called Receiving your messages. It will look something like the screen below:

Change message delivery
3. On the right, you'll see where you have the option to receive texts. This section will have three parts:
  • Number box: This is the top input area where you'll enter the number, or numbers we are sending alerts to after calls.
  • Script variables: This is a listing of all script variables, or field names, in your script.
  • Custom message box: This last input area is where you'll be creating your custom message by dragging variables from the Script variables section.
4. To customize your text message, click and drag Script variables into the Custom message box. Below is an example of some script variables you may see. They are split into Basic variables on the left and Custom variables on the right. Basic variables are included in every script and contain information such as Caller ID and Time Stamp. Custom variables are the field names from your script. Note that this box will display variables separated by campaign name. In the example view below, the campaign name is S-A-S.

Script Variables

5. If you don't include any information in the Custom message box, by default our system will send the caller's First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Regarding. When you add data to the box, it will override the default text message and populate with whatever information you include.

For our example, let's say that you want a message to include Caller ID, Call Date, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Regarding. You'll need to find those variables in the Script variables list and drag them into the box below it.

Drag Script Variables

6. You're not quite done yet. If you left the message in the above layout, you would receive a super messy text message looking something like 888-532-479410/22/2015Nick. To clean up the message, you'll add a label before each variable. When you're done, your Custom message box should look similar to the example below:

Script Variables with Text

7. Once you are finished creating your custom text message, click on the yellow Update icon. If your message delivery update was successful, this pop-up will appear.

Changes Have Been Saved

8. To verify the changes, go through your call script just like a call center agent would. After you've saved the call, you should get a text message delivered with the custom variables you selected. If you find that your text message is missing some data, it's probably because we never received that information from the caller.

Congratulations! You've just customized text notification and sent yourself a test message. If it looks pretty, you're done. If you need to add more variables or tweak some formatting, jump back to step 6.

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