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What happens when two paths have the same step labels

The SAS Call Script Builder allows you to make on-demand changes to the live script our operators use to manage your telephone calls. With this tool, you can add or edit any path or step.

What is a Script Step?

Think of a step as an action you want our operators to take. While you have a ton of different step options, in most cases, you'll be adding a step in the form of a question. For example, if you want our operators to ask callers for their email address, you would add this as a new step.

For each new step you add, you'll be asked to enter a Step Label. Step Labels should be unique to each path to ensure that each path in your script is managed separately. For example, if you are adding the email question to a sales path, you might name it EmailSales. This helps you keep track of which steps are used in which paths.

While working within the Call Script Builder, you'll want to be sure you aren't using same-named steps in new paths you create. Having multiple steps with the same name will create confusion when making changes. In the example below, you can see that the new path, "Calling For A Tow," and the existing path, "Calling For Service," both include steps that are labeled FirstNameService, and those steps are listed in the Next Step drop down menu. Just by looking at the drop down menu, it is not possible to tell which step belongs with which path.

Duplicate Steps In Drop Down

In addition, if you populate a path with steps that have already been built and are being used in another path, the paths will match. Any changes you make to one will automatically change the other. In the example below, we will use the existing step FirstNameService in our new path, "Calling For A Tow."

Same Step New Path

Once we click Continue to add our new step, the path Calling For A Tow auto-populates to match Calling for Service.

Same Step Duplicate Paths 
You can see that if we click on a field in one of the paths in this example, the field in the other path highlights as well. This means they are linked, and changing one will automatically change the other.

Same Steps Linked

In some cases, it may be fine for paths to share the same steps. For example, you may have a path for Sales and a path for Information that are both being handled the same way. However, if you want those paths to utilize different language, they will need to have separate Step Labels.

So how do we fix these problems? In this tutorial, you will learn:

 How to Fix Duplicate Step Labels

1. Click on the step that you need to change. Then in the Step Label area, update the suffix to a unique name.

Fix Duplicate Step Rename

2. Click Save in the bottom left corner. Your path will repopulate showing FirstNameTow in place of FirstNameService.

Fix Duplicate Step Name Changed

3. You'll notice that FirstNameService is no longer listed twice in the Step drop down menu. Instead, you'll see FirstNameTow. Now, continue building or changing steps so that they include your new step label.

Fix Duplicate Step Menu

 How to Undo a Duplicate Path

1. In the top left of the Call Script Builder, click on the first step below your campaign name. Then click View Options in the bottom left corner of the Logic Option step.

Undo Duplicate 1

2. The Options menu will open. Click Edit to the far right of your duplicate path. The line will be highlighted in yellow. Then under the Next Step column, scroll to select the - (dash icon).

Undo Duplicate Next Step Edit

3. Once you have selected the - , click Update on the far right. Next Step will now be blank.

Undo Duplicate Blank Next Step

4. Click the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up to return to the main scripting screen. Then in the bottom left corner of the Logic Option step, click Save. Your paths will repopulate showing a red dot followed by New Step in the path you just edited.

Undo Duplicate New Step

Congratulations, your paths are no longer duplicated! Now, follow these steps to create a custom built path with unique step labels.

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