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Using the SAS Appointment Calendar

By using the SAS calendar to set appointments, you'll experience seamless scheduling integration with your call script, which increases operator efficiency and will reduce the cost of interacting with your customers.

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to do a few things, including:

Editing your Appointment Settings

Each location in your web portal has its own calendar. If you are utilizing the SAS Calendar, you will have complete control over when our operators set appointments, how often they can set appointments, and the length of each appointment. Click here for complete instructions on adjusting your appointment settings.

View your Appointment Calendar

1. For a view of your monthly appointment calendar, go to the Locations page and click the green Calendar button next to the corresponding location.

SAS Calendar Edit Icon
2. In the calendar screen, you'll see an overview of any appointments you have scheduled and any that have been cancelled in that month. Each date with scheduled appointments will be displayed in two lines:
  • Set: This will show the number of appointments you have scheduled for that day.
  • Cancelled: This will show any appointments that have been cancelled for that day.

SAS Calendar Appointment

3. To view appointment details for a particular date, click that date on the calendar. In the top right corner, you will see the time and name of any appointments you have scheduled. In our example, we've clicked on the 24th to display details for the appointment we have scheduled on that date.

SAS Calendar Appointment

4. If you click on the appointment in the upper right, you'll be taken directly to the call that generated the appointment. Here you'll see all of the details we've gathered from the call, be able to listen to the call, and see any other metrics such as length of call, caller ID, and more.

Set your Own Appointment

From the calendar view, you can also schedule your own appointments. To do this, you'll open your call script and navigate it to enter the appointment. Note that in order to schedule an appointment under a particular campaign, appointment setting must be built into the script. If you aren't using the SAS calendar and want to, please contact support and we'll add the programming to your script.

1. Under Add appointment in the bottom right corner of the calendar page, click the Campaign drop down menu to select the appropriate campaign.

SAS Calendar Campaigns

2. After you've selected the campaign, click the yellow Schedule button. This will bring up the correct call script in your account. To schedule an appointment, you'll need to navigate this script just like an SAS call center agent would.

SAS Calendar Schedule Icon

3. With the operator's view of your script open, you will need to follow the script as if you were taking a call.

SAS Calendar Op View 1

4. Under the dropdown menu on the home screen, select the name of the path that results in appointment scheduling. This will often be named Calling for An Appointment but the name can vary based on your call script.

SAS Calendar Op View 2

5. After you've chosen the correct path from the dropdown, click the Next link to bring up the next screen. The operator’s script will be displayed according to the information fields you have requested. Enter each field, clicking the Next link on the right when complete.

SAS Calendar Op View 3

6. When you reach the appointment setting point in the script, click on the desired appointment date on the calendar. Available dates will be displayed underlined, in blue, and will show based on your appointment settings. Use the Next Month icon at the top of the calendar to move forward.

SAS Calendar Op View 4

7. After you've selected your date, you'll see another screen where you'll be able to choose your appointment time. Use the dropdown menu to select the appointment time, then click Next. The screen will look like the one below.

SAS Calendar Op View 5

8. After you've completed all the appointment fields, you'll need to save the call. Fill in the Op ID with your initials (the field is limited to 3 characters), and click Save Call.

SAS Calendar Op View 6

9. If it saved correctly, The next screen will show the message (PRESS <F4> TO END CALL). F4 does not work in this view, so all you have to do is click the X in the upper right corner to close the pop-up.

SAS Calendar Op View 7

10. You will now see the appointment listed in your calendar. However, since you set this appointment, it won't have any associated details like the recording of the call or the Caller ID.

SAS Calendar New Appointment

11. When you click the appointment from the calendar page, you will see a message that looks like the one below. There is nothing wrong with your system, this just means that you scheduled the appointment on your own.

SAS Calendar Blank Appointment Details

Congratulations! You've learned how to access the SAS Calendar, how to view existing appointment details, and how to schedule your own appointments in the operator's view.

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