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Configuring an Outbound Mailbox

If you'll be using apps such as Google Calendar or Surveys to send out emails to your callers, you'll need to configure an Outbound mailbox. This will let the system will know which email address to list as the 'Sender'.

1. To add an outbound mailbox, log in to SAS Desk, and click on Settings in the upper right corner.

2. Scroll down the Settings page to the section labeled Outbound mailbox.

3. On the far right, click on the green Add new mailbox button.

4. In the Add outbound mailbox pop-up, you'll enter the From Name and Reply To email address. This is what the system will display in the recipient's email inbox.

5. Then, click the blue Save button in the lower right corner of the pop-up.

6. Once saved, the mailbox you configured will be listed under Outbound mailbox and will be available for use in Apps through the SAS Desk portal.

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