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Default Fields in the Call Script Builder

Each step in your script has two types of identifiers: Step Labels and Field Names.

The main function of a Step Label is to keep your script paths organized. Step Labels are customized based on the path name. They are typically a combination of the Field Name plus a unique suffix that distinguishes one script path from another. In the example below, each field ends with the suffix SpecificPerson.

Pre-Programmed Path

While some Field Names can be customized in a similar fashion to Step Labels, there are several fields that you will not have the option to adjust. Below is a list of default variables.
  • [FirstName]
  • [LastName]
  • [CompanyName]
  • [PhoneNumber]
  • [CellPhoneNumber]
  • [Email]
  • [Address1], [Address2], [City], [State], [ZipCode]
  • [Regarding]
NOTE: Although you can customize the Company Name and Regarding step labels, the field names must be written as "CompanyName" and "Regarding" with no suffixes in order to be used as default fields.

Step Label and Field Name

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