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Though SAS has one of the highest answer rates in the industry, with approximately 86% of calls answered in three rings or less, there may be times when callers are held in queue until an operator becomes available. In most cases, callers will hang on the line. But if they choose to disconnect before the call is answered, the Outbound Return Call feature, or Save My Leads feature, which dials callers back based on their caller ID, can give you an opportunity to capture that lead before a potential customer gives someone else a try.

Here's how it works:
  • In order to utilize this feature, you'll need to add a sub account outbound calling campaign.
  • The operators will attempt to reach the caller only once.
  • The outbound campaign script will be a duplicate of the inbound campaign, but with different upfront text. The operators may say something such as, "Hi, this is [OpName] from [YourCompany]. I'm sorry we missed your call a moment ago. How can I help you today?"
  • If you'll be recording calls, then the operators will need to state that in the answer phrase. For example, "Hi, this is [OpName] from [YourCompany] returning your call on a recorded line. I'm sorry we missed you a moment ago. How can I help you today?"
If you'd like to set up an Outbound Return Call campaign, feel free to get in touch with Customer Service, and we'd be happy to help you!

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