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Understanding Message Ticket and Non-Message (Information Only) Calls Locations

Accounts are programmed with two locations that will be separate from any locations you may discuss with our Sales team during the setup process. Message Ticket and Non-Message Calls are apportioned for specific call types within your script.

Locations can be accessed and edited by clicking on the Locations tab from the left side menu in your SAS Desk portal.

Message Ticket

When a caller's query does not fit into any of the existing paths within your script, the operator may use the Message Ticket path. This will document very basic information, and you will see the call result Message Ticket in your web portal.

For example, you may have a call script with two paths: one for emergency service and the other for sales. If we receive an employment inquiry, the customer service representative won't have anywhere to go! When all else fails and no other script paths fit the caller's needs, the CSR will go to the Message Ticket path.

Calls received from this path are sent to your Message Ticket location where you will receive notice of the new call. If you select either email address or text delivery, you will receive all standard fields which include First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Regarding.

Non-Message Calls

With Information Only calls, the caller is typically looking for an answer to a specific question, such as business hours, and does not wish to provide the operator with any details for a call back.

Information Only calls are linked to the Non-Message Calls location. Although no message is collected during these transactions, you can still choose to receive notification by text or email. Alternately, you can simply view them in your message portal. If you select an email address for message delivery, you will receive an abbreviated email containing the time the call was received, the Caller ID we captured, and the call result.

If you select a mobile number for text delivery, you will see this in your portal: "You received a non-message call ([CallResult]) from [ANI]. Want to listen? Sign into your account at" If you were to receive a real call, you would see a message such as the following: "You received a non-message call (Answered Question) from 888-532-4794. Want to listen? Sign into your account at"

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