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How to Program a Logic Option into Your Script

In the Call Script Builder, a Logic Option, or logic step, can be used to provide the operators with choices of the appropriate path to follow based on callers' responses or requests. For example, the very first step in a script, which includes the operators' opening greeting, is a logic step. Logic steps are commonly used in appointment scheduling, scripting that differs based on weekday, date, or time, paths that include a warm transfer, and any path that includes an app integration.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a new path to your script with a Logic Option as the first step. For our example, we'll be programming a logic step followed by a Cold Transfer.

Adding a New Path

To edit your script, you'll start by navigating to the call script builder:

1. Click on the Details icon to the far right of the campaign you would like to edit. Then, click the blue Edit your script button in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Call Script Builder in a pop-up window.

2. Since you'll be adding this new path as a response to the 'Thank you for calling' greeting, you'll be clicking on the first step labeled CallReason. You'll see the step open on the right side.

3. In the bottom left corner of the CallReason step, click the red View Options link. The options are the possible routes operators will take when they assess what the caller wants to achieve with the call. After clicking the link, a new window will open showing you all the paths in your script.

4. We'll be adding a path to cold transfer callers to specific departments. Click the blue Add New link to the bottom left of the number column. A blank line will appear highlighted in yellow like in the example below. In the first box, select a number for your path. In the second box, enter your path name. Keep this short and descriptive.

5. After you've numbered and named your new path, add it as an option by clicking the Add button to the far right of the yellow line. Your new path will now appear in the Option column and look like the example below:

6. Once the option is in place, you'll need to save it. Click the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up to return to the main scripting screen. Then click the Save button in the bottom left corner of the open step. Your paths will repopulate on the left showing the new path in the order you selected. You can see below that our new path, Calling for a Specific Department, is showing above the Account Owner Calling In path.

Populating the Path

Now that you have your path option built, you'll need to give the operators something to do. Below, we'll be adding a logic step with 3 options, each followed by a cold transfer.

1. Click the + to expand the name of the path you just created. Below the path name, you will see a red dot followed by the words New Step.

2. To add a logic step, click on New Step, and from the Step drop down menu on the right, select Logic Option.

3. Click Continue, and you will see the blank Logic Option step.

In the Step Label and Field Name input areas, enter something that will describe the purpose of the step, with no spaces. For our example, we've entered WhichDepartmentTransfer.

Then, in the Text box, you can include something for the operators to say, followed by an instruction to select the appropriate option from the list you are going to build. We've just added the instructions, but your build may say something such as:

I would be happy to transfer you to that department.(L)(L)(R)(CSR: Please select the department the caller asked for.)(E)

4. Once you've completed the step details, click the Save button in the bottom left corner of the logic step. The path will repopulate showing the logic step label under your path name.

Building the Options List

1. To add options, click View Options in the bottom left corner of the logic step. A new window will open showing the blank options menu.

2. You'll complete the menu in the same way as you added your new script path.

Click the blue Add New link to the bottom left of the number column. A blank line will appear highlighted in yellow. Here, you'll select a number for your path, enter a path name, and click Add to the far right.

Complete these steps for each Option you'd like to include.

3. Once you have completed the options menu, click the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up to return to the main scripting screen. Then, click Save in the bottom left corner of the Logic Option step. Your path will repopulate on the left showing the options you entered.

Adding the Cold Transfer Closing

Now, we need to tell the scripting software what to do for the options we've added.

1. Click the + on the left to expand each option. Under each, you will see a red dot followed by the words New Step.

2. For our example, we'll go directly to a Transfer closing step. However, you can add any steps that you'd like.

To start, click on New Step under the option. Then, from the Step drop down menu on the right, select Transfer followed by Continue.

3. You will see the blank Transfer step. This is where we'll enter the transfer number.

In the Step Label, enter Closing + your unique suffix, with no spaces. We will enter Closing + the department where we're transferring calls: ClosingColdTransferBilling

At this point, you can personalize the Text box with your closing statement. We've added, "Sure, I'd be happy to connect you to that department. One moment please while I transfer you."

Below the Text box, enter your number in the Transfer Number input area. Alternately, you can click the Use location information for transfers option. Visit this article for more information on how Use location information functions.

Finally, enter a distinct Call Result that will tell you what happened on the call. We've added Transferred to Billing.

4. Click Save. Your path will repopulate on the left showing a green dot followed by the closing step label you entered.

Repeat this process for subsequent options, including a Step Label and Call Result for each. Your script will look something like the picture below:

Congratulations! You've just learned how to add a Logic Option to your call script.

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