Can I put my account on hold?

Many seasonal businesses would like the option to place their accounts on hold in the off-season. While we cannot place accounts on hold, we can retain all of your existing programming for speedy reactivation when business picks up.

When you'd like to go off service, we'll cancel the account but keep everything just the way you left it, so there is no need to reprogram when you're ready to reactivate. Although your original forward number may still be available, there is no guarantee that the account will be reactivated under the same number.

Alternately, you can opt to reduce your plan to the lowest rate plan we offer, $34/month for per-minute service and $35/month for per-call service, and continue to make monthly payments to keep your line open and active. Your forwarding number, call script, and settings will stay the same.

If you need to temporarily cancel your account, please contact our Customer Service department.

Via phone at:

  • 1-866-688-8912

Via email at:

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