Specialty Answering Service Help


Cancelling Service

Learn how to go about cancelling or deactivating your service with SAS.

3 articles

Choosing & Changing Plans

Deciding which rate plan is best for your business and how to change plans as needed.

5 articles

Contracts & Service Fees

Learn about our service agreement and any applicable fees that may be required.

6 articles

Making Payments

Learn the types of payments accepted by SAS and how to make payments online.

3 articles

Understanding Usage

Understanding how usage and call volume is calculated each month.

2 articles

Understanding Invoices

Get a break down of your monthly invoices with SAS.

6 articles


Automated Services

Understand the automated services provided by SAS, like IVR and custom greetings.

5 articles


Understand the different capabilities and services SAS has to offer.

11 articles

General Information

General information and frequently asked questions about SAS.

14 articles

Messaging Options

Learn to configure how your messages get sent and how to make updates as needed.

5 articles

Operator FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the operators handling calls at SAS.

5 articles

Security & Privacy

Learn about SAS's security and privacy policies.

5 articles

Getting Started

Call Forwarding

Learn how to forward your phone lines to SAS.

8 articles

Free Trial

Learn how to get the most out of your free trial.

2 articles

Mobile App

Learn how to download and use the SAS Mobile App for iPhone and Android users.

2 articles

SAS Desk

CRM Integrations

Learn how to integrate your CRM platform with SAS.

6 articles

Help Desk Integrations

Learn how to integrate your help desk platform with SAS.

3 articles

General Web Portal

General information and FAQs regarding SAS's online customer portal.

21 articles

Google Integrations

Learn how to integrate your Google account with SAS.

9 articles

Marketing Integrations

Learn how to integrate your marketing platform with SAS.

3 articles


Learn how to add, upload and edit your on-call schedule.

23 articles

SAS Integrations

Learn how to configure SAS app integrations.

3 articles


Learn how to access, review and edit your call script.

63 articles

Project Management Integrations

Learn how to integrate your project management platform with SAS.

3 articles


Learn how to access, generate and download reports on-demand.

2 articles

Setting up FAQs

Learn how to add, remove and edit frequently asked questions for the operators.

3 articles