If I leave service, can I take my number with me?

SAS can provide local or toll-free numbers to our customers. While on service, these telephone numbers are in the customer's control. However, the numbers remain SAS property and we may reassign your forwarding number at any time and reissue you a new forwarding number. 
We strongly recommend not advertising the number in any way, including advertising the forwarding number on your website, literature, or giving it out directly to your customers, clients, or tenants. If you plan on doing that, we recommend securing a local or toll free number from a telephone number provider that you can fully control. Also note that if your account is suspended, or if you choose to cancel service, you cannot take the number(s) with you. The number(s) remain the property of Specialty Answering Service.
If you cancel your account but decide to return to SAS at a later date, there is no guarantee that you will be able to secure the same number as when you were initially on service. Once your account is closed, your number(s) go into an active pool and may be reassigned to another customer. Therefore, please note that if you do plan on advertising, or using the numbers on your printed material, we highly recommend that you obtain a number through a toll-free provider. If you do choose a third-party toll-free provider, SAS will need to assign you a local number for call forwarding purposes. Based on the mechanics of the toll-free system, you may not  be able to forward one toll-free number to another toll-free number. Please check with your provider first.
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