Can I retain my forward number if I discontinue service with SAS?

Though we will provide you with local or toll-free numbers to use with our answering service, those numbers are not portable. That means if you choose to leave service for any reason, you cannot retain any number(s) we give you during sign-up.  Furthermore, the numbers remain SAS property and we may reassign your forwarding number at any time while you are still an active client and reissue you a new forwarding number.   

If you plan to use our number for advertising campaigns but are not sure of how long you will need to be on service, then it would be best to secure a portable number from another provider. Some common carriers that offer portable numbers are Grasshopper, Ring Central, AT&T, Verizon, etc. You will pay the carrier for monthly usage, which is separate from your SAS calling plan fees, and additional usage will be billed as part of your calling plan with SAS.

For questions regarding our service, to request a number, or for any other inquiry, feel free to contact our Customer Service department.

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  • 1-866-688-8912

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