How do you handle training for dedicated agents?

Training for our dedicated agent program is tailored to your company culture and best practices. Agents are selected according to your needs, ensuring that we hire individuals with the particular skill set your industry requires.

We encourage clients to work with us during the hiring process and come out for training whenever possible. If you are not able to attend an in-person training session, a GoToMeeting is suggested so that you can interactively train the operator.

We also suggest that our clients share any training tools such as manuals, videos, PDFs and other materials that will give the trainers a more in-depth understanding of your business practices. Once this has been reviewed, key elements will be compiled to develop a training protocol that may include classroom instruction, simulated test calls, online tutorials and quizzes. Before an agent can answer your calls, they need to successfully demonstrate knowledge of all training materials.

For more information on our dedicated agent program, please visit this page, or contact our Sales department for details.

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