SAS emergency plan

Even the most innovative, technologically-advanced businesses are not immune to the occasional system outage or monkey wrench that can bring operations to a grinding halt. Specialty Answering Service continuously monitors our systems, connections, and phone lines to circumvent any such issue, and we have redundancies in place to safeguard our resources. That being said, in the event that an unanticipated service problem arises, it is important for our clients to know what to do.

If you suddenly experience an interruption in service, keep these guidelines in mind. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to remedy any detected issue as quickly as possible.

  • Check the SAS Twitter feed for updates. If something’s going on, we’ll keep you up to speed via social media.
  • If you are in our message portal, you'll see an alert displayed at the top of the page if the issue is affecting your service.
  • Once we are aware of an issue, an email will be sent to every contact we have on file for your business who is designated to receive service alerts. If you are not sure who we have on file, or you would like to change or update your contact information, give our Customer Service team a call.
  • If your main forwarding line goes down and you are forwarding to a toll-free number, there may be an alternate number on your account that could be operational. If you don’t know what the number is, contact us. Then try forwarding to that number.
  • If you have already forwarded your lines and left the office when an outage occurs, your phone service provider may have a feature called Remote Call Forwarding. This will enable you or your provider to unforward your phones remotely, or forward them to an alternate number. Here is a support article that includes a list of call forwarding instructions for a number of carriers. If yours is on the list, we may have instructions noted for Remote Call Forwarding. If not, contact them directly for assistance.
  • If you are unable to reach SAS Customer Service via phone, visit the SAS website and use our live chat feature, or send us an email.

For questions or assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service department. We are here to help, and we’ll work diligently to troubleshoot technical issues and achieve a speedy resolution.

Via phone at:

  • 1-866-688-8912

Via email at:

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