What measures do you take to ensure that callers' personal information is secure?

We take the security of each caller's information very seriously. We are PCI compliant and SOC 2 certified, and we take additional precautions to maintain the confidentiality of callers' personal information.

Some of our security measures include:

  • System user identifiers with unique log-ins and passwords: enables us to track users and programs that have been accessed
  • Log-in time outs: to prevent unauthorized use of an employee's terminal, their log-in times out within a certain number of minutes
  • Multiple user access levels: agents are given specific permissions and can only gain entry to programs at their access level
  • Agents' computers are firewalled so that any unapproved websites are inaccessible
  • Restricted, keycard access to the facility, call center floor, and server rooms
  • Recordings are turned off when agents access a client's website
  • Agents have no cell phones or writing implements at their stations
  • Agents cannot access websites on behalf of callers that are locked behind a username and password
  • Strong internal privacy agreements

For more information, please visit our technology page and download our security policy.

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