Are my messages secure?

Yes. Our online portal is secure and cannot be accessed unless user privileges are granted. Even though a master password is required to initially establish your SAS Desk login, you have the opportunity to update that password immediately following setup. In addition, you have complete control over who has access to your account by creating new users in SAS Desk.

At the call center level, we are SOC 2 certified, PCI and HIPAA compliant. Our server rooms are keypad protected, and only authorized users have the entry code. Once a call is closed, all data collected is automatically inaccessible to employees. New transaction data is backed up hourly, and full server backups occur nightly. Data is stored off-site, but is managed entirely by Specialty Answering Service. There is no third party involvement.

To maintain data security for accounts that require HIPAA compliance:

  • We cannot send any patient information via email or text.
  • Patient information cannot be left on your voicemail in the event you do not answer on a warm patch or reach on-call attempt.
  • You are not able to call in for your messages.

The following actions will keep patient information secure:

  • We can send you a text message letting you know that a new message is available in your portal for review.
  • For warm patch or reach on-call attempts, we can leave you a message letting you know to visit your portal for call details.
  • If you are using a reach on-call schedule, we can dial out as many times as necessary until we connect with someone.
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