Why is there no Caller ID in my message?

Our system automatically documents caller ID from incoming calls; however, there are two scenarios where the caller ID may not be displayed.

Manually Blocked Caller ID

If a caller has manually blocked their number (using *67) or if the number is blocked through their phone provider, then caller ID is not obtainable. In those cases, should the caller choose not to leave contact information, no call back number will be listed. Instead, you may see one of the following things displayed in your call log:

  • the number 266-696-687, which spells out the word ANONYMOUS
  • another shortened number
  • no information - blank

Phone Provider Settings Not Configured for Caller ID

If your phone provider does not have your settings configured to push the caller ID, you may see the number that you are forwarding to SAS listed in your call log.

Unfortunately, neither scenario is something that SAS can control. If calls listed in your log are frequently missing caller ID, your phone provider may be able to use a service such as call screening or call trap to prevent blocked numbers from connecting with your line, or adjust your settings to send the caller ID instead of your business number.

For more information on call blocking, please check with your telephone provider.

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