Issues you may encounter when using Google Voice with SAS

If your phone carrier is Google Voice, you may run into a number of issues when forwarding your calls to SAS:

Your phone could come off of call forwarding on its own.

  • When this happens, your calls will go to voicemail and Google Voice will alert you when you have a new message. If your calls are forwarded to us and you are receiving voicemail, that is a clue that your line has most likely disengaged from call forwarding, or the link to SAS became unverified. If your Google Voice line does inadvertently stop forwarding to SAS, visit this article for instructions on how to reestablish the connection.

Your calls may hit our system but not connect to an operator.

  • In this case, the call will show up in your call log, but it will not reach an operator. As above, your calls will go to voicemail. This could be due to an automated message from Google Voice that requires the operators to press 1 to accept a call. It would be a good idea to return to your Google Voice Settings and ensure that all tabs are configured as necessary.

If you have more than one call coming through on the same line, calls will not connect to an operator.

  • While any number of Google Voice calls can come in simultaneously, only one call can be active at a time. Therefore, all other calls will automatically be deferred to voicemail.

Though there are many virtual phone service carriers to choose from, for a more robust platform with greater control and the ability to route multiple calls at a time, we recommend providers such as Grasshopper or CenturyLink

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