My forwarding number isn't working

First, verify that you have the call forwarding feature activated on your phone service account, then double check the number you are forwarding to. You can also contact our Customer Service department to confirm your number, and a member of our team will run a test on your line to ensure that it is active.

Via phone at:

  • 1-866-688-8912

Via email at:

Once you have contacted SAS and verified that the forwarding number is correct and active, take your phone off forward, and re-forward your line again. Forwarding instructions may differ slightly from provider to provider, but the standard practice is:

  • To forward, press *72
  • To un-forward, press *73

After you have disengaged and reengaged call forwarding, place a test call. If the issue persists, then it will be necessary for you to contact your phone service provider.

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