How long are call recordings stored?

If you have call recording activated on your account, then all live phone conversations will be recorded and available to be downloaded from SAS Desk. Call recordings are stored for 60 days before they are purged from our system and no longer available. However, message details will always be accessible in your portal. To listen to and download your calls for future use, follow the instructions in this tutorial. In addition, take a look at the article Understanding Your SAS Desk Call Log for assistance with reviewing your messages on our legacy platform. If you're on our new SAS Flex platform, check out this article instead: Introduction to the SAS Flex Call Log.

Please note the following:

  • We do not retain backups of call recordings. After 60 days, they are unable to be retrieved.
  • Voicemail recordings will not show up as a call in your call log. They will be emailed to you in WAV format immediately after the caller disconnects the line. If your email is down, there is no way to retrieve any messages you do not receive, as voicemail is sent independently of messages that are generated by the operators.
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