Introduction to the SAS Flex Call Log

Your Specialty Answering Service Flex Portal Call Log is where messages are stored for each call our operators take on your behalf. Let's take a look at its features and functions.

Exploring the call log

The basics of your call log

When logging in to Flex, you'll be taken directly to your call log. By default, this log will display the account activity from the last 7 days. 

The stats at the top of the page will show usage for the current month. This data updates every 24 hours.

The call log defaults to 20 records per page. If there are more than 20 records to review, use the Previous and Next links at the bottom of the call log to navigate to the next page.

Can I change how many calls are displayed at a time?

To change how many calls show per page, use the page filter at the top of the call log. Here, you can change your view from 10 calls per page up to 100.

Using dates, filters, and searching through results

To see activity outside of the 7-day default, you'll need to adjust your date range. Just click the date range filter at the top left of the call log to select a pre-set range.

If the options listed don't suit your needs, use the Custom option to set specific From and To dates. Then, click Apply.

Adjusting the call filter

The selections in your call filter let you drill down and refine your call log. Click the  Filter drop down menu, then select from the options provided to segment your activity by Tag, Scripts, Numbers and Outcomes. Don't forget to click the Apply button to apply your changes and show the filtered results.

How do I remove a filter?

Any filters you've applied will be displayed at the top of your call results table. To clear filters, you can either click the X next to the filter name, or click the Clear all filters link.

Can I search through my calls?

Searching is a great way to quickly locate calls in the log. Start by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the log, then use the search box to further filter through the calls in the log. Search will look for a match in the Name, Phone, or Outcome.

Search will not search through your entire call history, just the results already shown in the call log. To extend the search to more calls or, to refine your search to less calls, adjust the date range.

Printing and emailing your messages

From the call log, you can print or email individual messages or multiple messages at a time.

Printing your messages

To print a message, select the checkbox on the row of any call or calls you need to print. Then, on the right side of your screen, click the Action tab and select Print Message.

Emailing your messages

To email a copy of your message data, start by selecting the checkbox on the row or rows of any calls you are emailing, then use the Action tab and select Email Message.

Emailing your messages is not an option for HIPAA compliant accounts.

Clicking Email Message will open a view like the one below where you'll be able to email the call details to the login email of your Flex users.

Opening multiple calls

If you need to view multiple calls at a time, just check the box to the left of the calls you want to open. Then, from the Action button, click the Tab Call link. This will open all of the calls as tabs in the upper area of the screen without taking you away from the Call log, so you don't need to click back and forth.

Default call data

Clicking on a call from the log opens up the full details of the call. This screen shows everything we know about the interaction your caller had with our operator. This includes the length of the call, the script that was used, the number that was dialed, and the all of the data we captured during the interaction according to your script. For more information on understanding the call details page, check out this article

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