Introduction to the SAS Flex Call Log

You can use your answering service portal to see detailed records of your call activity. The goal of this quick-start guide is to understand how to access your call log, and how to dig deeper to see specific details about individual phone calls. First, we'll tour the main  Calls page:

Then, we'll be looking at the  Call Details page:

A Quick View of Your Call Log

When you first log in to your SAS Flex portal, you'll see the main  Calls page. By default, this table will display the account activity from the last 7 days. 

Anytime you Preview your script, those sessions will be documented in your Call Log. These "calls" will be displayed with No Outcome, and they do not count towards any billable usage.

Records Per Page: The call log defaults to 20 records per page. If there are more than 20 records to review, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the call log to navigate. 

To change how many calls show per page, use the page filter at the top right of the call log. 

Search through Your Calls: You can also search for a specific call by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the log. Then, use the search box to look for a particular caller, phone number, etc. 

Using Dates and Filters

Changing Your Date Range: By default, the call log will show activity from the last 7 days. To see activity outside of that range, you'll need to adjust your date range. Just click the date filter at the top left of the call log to select a pre-set range. 

If the options listed don't suit your needs, you can set specific dates using the  Custom option.

Adjusting Filters: Adjusting your call filter settings lets you drill down into your call data. Click the Filter drop down menu, and click the checkboxes to segment your activity by Tag, Scripts, Numbers and Outcomes. Don't forget to click the blue Apply button to apply your changes.

Deleting Filters: Any filters you've applied will be displayed at the top of your call results table. To clear filters, you can either click the X next to the filter name, or click the Clear all filters link to the right.

Printing Your Messages

From the Calls page, you'll be able to print out one or multiple messages. Select the checkbox on the row of any call or calls you need to print. Then, on the right side of your screen, click the Action tab and select Print Message. Clicking print will open a pop-up containing all call details.

Email a Copy Of Your Messages

To email a copy of your message data, start by selecting the checkbox on the row or rows of any calls you are emailing, then use the Action tab and select Email Message.

Clicking  Email Message will open a pop-up like the one below.

All details, along with the direct link to the call, will automatically be shared. You will also have the option to add a personal note that gets sent along with the call details.

Please bear in mind that the email recipient must be a portal user in order to access the call. 

Quick Access Bar

After selecting a call from the Calls page, you'll be taken to the Call Details view. At the top of the Call Details screen, you will see the Outcome, Caller ID (if available) and the associated Script.

Below that, you'll see Timestamp, Call Length, and Patch Length (if applicable). 

If you have opened any other calls, they will be listed in individual tabs along the top of your screen. You can toggle back and forth between them, or simply click the X to close the tab.

Play and Download Calls: To play or download calls, look to the right of your screen, and click the Play button. To download the call, click Download

Print the Call: Just as on the main call log page, click the 3-dot menu icon in the upper right corner and select Print Message.  

Email the Call: Just as on the main call log page, click the 3-dot menu icon in the upper right corner and select Email Message.  

Rating the Operators

On the right side of the Call Details page, you will see the name of the operator who answered the call, along with three 5-star rating scales with which to rate his or her performance. After you've finished rating the call, leave some feedback for the rep. Your operator ratings are one of the many tools we use to help shape your service!

Viewing Call Details

Call Details: Under the Call Details tab, you'll see an overview of the details gathered on the call, including the caller's contact information and what the call was regarding. 

Notes: Adding notes is a great way to keep your team updated with any action you took on the call. To  add a note, simply type a message into the box, then click Save. Your note will appear below, and other users will have the ability to leave a comment. 

Customer History: Under the Customer History tab, you will have an at-a-glance view of how frequently the caller has contacted your business within the last 90 days. Click on any call to pull up the Message Details. 

Timeline: See a timeline of how you and your users are interacting with calls. 

Changing Tags

The tags denote the life cycle of the call. When a call is created, its default tag is 'New'. Once it has been opened, it changes to 'Open'. You are able to change the tag back to New, or you can create your own custom tag from the Settings page.

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