Contacting SAS

Not sure how to contact SAS? Below is a directory of communication channels to address all of your concerns. We are here when you need us! Be sure to review the Account Verification requirements before reaching out to us.


For account holders, when contacting Customer Service via phone or live chat, please have any of the following pieces of information available for verification. We are unable to assist you unless you can verify that you are the account holder.

  • Forward Number: This is not the number you forward to SAS - it is the number SAS gave you to forward to. If you do not know this number offhand, you can log in to the portal to retrieve it.
  • Support Ticket Number: This can be found at the bottom of any support case that you have received.
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card on file
  • Invoice Number

In addition to the above, we are able to verify you by checking your caller ID against the contact numbers we have on your account.

If staff members leave who previously had access to your account and you want to ensure they will not have continued access, delete their users from your secure web portal, and reach out to our Customer Service team to ensure the contacts are removed from all areas of your script and account. This will help safeguard against a former employee calling in and making unauthorized account changes.


For customer service issues, script changes, or questions regarding your bill:

For sales inquiries:

For Customer Service or Sales via Live Chat, please visit our website:

To view invoices or account history, or to update your payment method, please visit our payment portal:

If you are on our new Flex Billing platform, you can view or update payment details via your own portal. 

To view usage details and see your messages online, log in to your portal:

SAS Desk

SAS Flex

Our mailing address is:

Specialty Answering Service
1006 9th Avenue, Suite 150
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Our FAX number is:

  • 1-888-644-4129
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