Accessing Billing Details in SAS Flex

Want to see the current month's usage at-a-glance and find out if you are on the best rate plan? Need to upgrade or downgrade your plan? Or how about quickly updating the auto pay method on file for your account? No problem - you can do all of that and more via the Billing page in your SAS Flex portal!

NOTE: The information below only applies to customers on our Flex Billing system. If you are not on Flex Billing, you will not have access to these features.

In this tutorial we'll show you how to:

Accessing Billing Details

 In SAS Flex, click on your user icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select Billing

On the next page, you'll have the ability to view different tabs:

  • Summary
  • Plan
  • Invoices 
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Contacts


The Summary section will give you an overview of your billing, including the plan that you're currently on, your usage for the month and details of the payment information we have on file. 

On the right-hand side of the screen, you'll also see a preview of what your next invoice will include.


The Plan section will provide an overview of all available pricing plans, and will tell you which plan you are currently on. If you'd like to update the plan you're currently on, click the Change button next to the appropriate plan, then click Ok on the pop-up to process the rate change.


The Invoices section will provide an overview of all of your previous invoices. To see a breakdown of any invoice, click the detailed transaction view button next to the applicable invoice to view the details of that invoice. 

Payment Method

The Payment Method tab will give you an overview of all payment methods that are currently on file. 

To add a new payment method, click the Add button and complete the form. Note that you'll need to select the authorize box and click Verify my Card before the system will allow you to add it.

Payment Contacts

The Payment Contacts section will allow you to add billing contacts outside of the admin to receive certain system emails or phone calls related to billing issues. 

NOTE: This does not grant the person access to the portal, it just adds them to the selected email distribution. If you want the person to have login access, you'll need to add them as a user.

To add the contact, click Add, then fill out the information in the pop-up as shown below.

Activating Billing Alerts

Upon set up with SAS, Billing Alerts will automatically be turned on for the admin. However, you can choose to turn them off or customize which alerts are received.

Within your SAS Flex portal, go to your Settings, then click Alerts from the left-hand navigation panel.

Under the Billing section, check the boxes you wish to receive notifications for. Notifications will go to the admin's email address that has alerts activated. Each admin within an account can choose to customize their own alerts accordingly. If an admin does not wish to receive alerts, they can uncheck the applicable boxes.

NOTE: Once you have exceeded your plan by 2x the allowance, you will be charged for overages. 

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