How to set a date range for your Call Log

You can easily change the date range in your portal to display data for a certain period of time. In the tutorial below, we are using the date range filter on the Calls page.

After you log into your portal, at the top of the Call Log, you will see a box displaying a date range to the left, and a small calendar icon to the right. Click on the calendar icon, and a calendar pop-up will open.

To customize dates using the calendar, click the < > symbols on either side of the ‘Month Year’ and scroll to the month and date where you would like the date range to begin. You will then see the word Custom appear in the top right dropdown menu, along with From and To boxes.

In this example, we would like to display calls from May 1 to June 1. Within the Start calendar, select May 1. Then, within the End calendar, select June 1. Then click Update.

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