Sending a custom text message.

From the SAS Desk home page, select Profiles from the left navigation panel.

On the next page, you will see a list of all active Profiles. Click on the Profile you wish to update. 

To add text fields, scroll down to Receiving your messages. If you do not already have a Text location built, then type 1 plus the 10-digit number with no spaces, e.g. 16035558989 into the box that says, “Enter in format....”

NOTEMultiple numbers must be separated by a comma with no spaces, e.g. 16035558989,16035554654. Then click the small checkbox to the left.

Now, drag and drop the ‘Basic’ and ‘[Script Name]’ Script variables you would like in your messages into the box that says, “Drag and drop call script variables from above to send in your text message."

NOTE: the [Script Name] will be the name of your script.

Let’s say that you would like to add Caller ID, Call Date, First and Last Name, Phone Number and Regarding as text fields. Left click on the corresponding icon(s) in the Basic Variables and S-A-S menus, then drag them into the box.

Be sure to separate variable names with a comma and a space to ensure they are properly formatted when you receive the message.

If you would like text identifiers for the variables you have included (this helps to stay organized), simply add the name of variable followed by a colon in front of the bracketed variable, e.g. Caller ID: [CallID].

Once you have finished entering all of the desired fields, click on the Update icon to the right of Receiving your messages. If your message delivery update was successful, this pop-up will appear.

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