How to assign a call path to a specific Profile

When your account was programmed, specific Profiles were built for message delivery. For example, you may have had a profile built to receive Sales calls, and a separate profile built for Service calls. If you would like to edit message delivery in a profile, or change the profile assignment for a path in your script, you can do so in your portal.

To assign a script path to a new profile, log in to SAS Desk. From the home page, click on  Scripts on the left-hand navigation panel.

You will see your  Active scripts. Click on the script you would like to edit.

On the next screen, click on  Edit your script in the upper right corner. 

A pop-up will open that will look similar to this:

In the upper left corner of your call script, click on the gray Message icon to edit the step.

In the next window, you'll see 3 drop downs below the main Text field; 

  • Text: The Text drop down will indicate the different call paths within your script.
  • Profile: The Profile drop down will indicate where messages for each call path are assigned.
  • Next: The Next drop down will indicate what the next step for each path is. 

In this tutorial, we want to focus on the Profile drop down.

NOTEIf the Profile column is blank for a particular path, then this path is assigned to the default profile on your account. The default profile will always be the Non-Message Calls profile.

To change the Profile that messages are assigned to, expand the Profile drop down and select the applicable Profile from the list.

When you are finished, click the blue Check Mark to return to the script. Repeat this process for every path that you would like to edit. When you are finished making updates, click Publish Changes.

Have questions, or need to add a new Profile to your account? Feel free to contact Customer Service.

Via phone at:

  • 1-866-688-8912

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