Understanding the 'Other' path in your script

Your in-call script includes all of the paths you established during programming, e.g. for sales, appointments, message taking, general questions, emergencies, etc. Scripts also include an 'Other' path for questions that are not listed for our operators to choose from, or when they are unsure of how to handle a particular call.

For example, if a caller asks a question that is not listed in the script, the standard scripted operator response is the following sequence:

  • "I'm sorry, unfortunately I do not have that information available, but I would like to put you in touch with someone who can better assist you. May I please have your first name?"
  • At that point, the operator would continue gathering information (name, number, regarding), then close the call.
  • "Thanks for calling, [Caller's Name]. I will pass your information along and someone will be in touch with you soon. Enjoy your day!"

When reviewing your call log, it is important to note how frequently operators are following the 'Other' path by seeing how many interactions listed as 'Call Type: Other' appear in the 'Calls' tab of your portal. If it seems to come up often and the calls in question should have been handled differently, this would indicate a need for programming changes. There may be specific questions callers are asking that could be added to your script to make things easier on the callers, the operators, and your own staff. The more we know about your business, the better we can assist your customers.

While it is not always possible to anticipate every type of call your business will receive, if several callers have the same type of request and it is not currently scripted, please contact our Customer Service department, and we will add new paths to your script to improve call flow and efficiency.

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