How to add, edit and move FAQs and Objections

Frequently Asked Questions and Objections are important tools for our operators to use when callers ask questions that are unrelated to your script paths. To provide operators with the most up-to-date information for your callers, we encourage you to review your FAQs and Objections, and make changes as necessary.

In this tutorial, you'll learn:

Adding FAQs and Objections

From the SAS Desk home page, click on Scripts in the menu on the left.

Click on the  script name that you would like to view. Your FAQs will be displayed at the top of the next screen, showing the Question on the left and the Answer on the right. Objections will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

1. To add an FAQ, click the green  Add FAQ icon. To add an Objection, click on the green Add objection icon.

For  FAQs, a pop-up window will open with blank Question and Answer boxes. For Objections, the boxes will be labeled as Objection and Response. The instructions outlined below apply to both FAQs and Objections.

2.  Type your FAQ into the space provided. There is a 255-character limit. In the Answer box, whenever you need to create a hard return, type the code (L) at the end of a line of text. For example:

3. Then, click the blue  Save icon in the bottom right corner of the Add FAQ pop-up. Click OK to return to the main FAQs screen. Your new FAQ will be added to the end of the FAQs list.

Deleting, Editing, and Moving FAQs / Objections

How to Delete an FAQ or Objection

1. To delete an FAQ, simply click the  X to the far right of the question you would like to remove.

2. Click  OK to continue with deletion, or click the yellow Undo icon to keep the FAQ.

How to Edit an FAQ or Objection

1. To edit an existing FAQ, click  Edit to the far right of the question you would like to change.

2. Make any necessary changes, then click the blue  Save icon in the bottom right corner of the Edit FAQ pop-up.

From this view, you can also delete an FAQ by clicking Delete, which appears to the left of Save. (If Delete is clicked inadvertently, click the yellow Undo icon.)

To proceed with deletion, click OK, then click the X in the upper right corner of the Edit FAQ pop-up to return to the main FAQs screen.

How to Move an FAQ or Objection

You can easily click and drag FAQs so that they appear in order of importance.

1. To the far right of each FAQ, you will see a dark blue  Move icon. Hover over the icon with your mouse and crosshairs will appear.

2. Now, left click Move, hold, and drag the FAQ up or down in your list until it is where you want.

3. Release the mouse and the FAQ will briefly be highlighted in yellow. You can place your FAQs in any order, but it is best to rank them from most frequently asked to least frequently asked.

Creating a Special FAQs Section

You may have several FAQs that provide details regarding your products or services. In this case, it is a good idea to create a separate section labeled something along the lines of Product Questions, Service Questions, Pricing Questions, etc. The section will be denoted by your heading in red along with a line to distinguish the section from general FAQs.

1. To create the section break, click  Add FAQ. In the Question box, type your heading surrounded by the coding (R) and (E), which will make the text appear in red.

2. Then, in the  Answer box, type (R) followed by several dashes and (E).

In the operator's view, this will show as a red line.

3. Click the blue  Save icon in the bottom right corner of the Add FAQ pop-up.

4. Click  OK to return to the main FAQs screen. Your section header FAQ will be added to the end of the list.

5. Continue to enter each FAQ that belongs in the section, and use the Move feature to place everything in your desired order.

Seeing FAQs in the Operator's View

1. To make sure it is set up properly in the operator's view, click on the green  See your script icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

The operator's script will open, showing the FAQs on the bottom.

When to Use Objections

Should you have a key fact or critical response that the operators will need to access readily, or complex information such as Pricing, this is where you would use an Objection. Objections appear as separate links on the left side of the operator's view. You can add them in the same way you add FAQs but without the need for the section break.  Keep in mind that your FAQs should not be entered as Objections.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the FAQs page and click the green  Add objection icon.

2. A pop-up will open with blank boxes for  Objection (What objections will your customers have?) and Response (What should our operators say to overcome those objections?).

3. Enter your Objection and Response, then click the blue  Save icon in the bottom right corner.

4. Click  OK to return to the main FAQs page. Your Objection will be listed above SCOPE.

Seeing Objection's in the Operator's View

1. Click  See your script in the upper right corner. Then, click the red OBJECTION link. This will display any Objections you've added to your script.

Congratulations! You've learned how to add and edit FAQs and Objections, how to add a special FAQs section, and how to see them in the operator's view.

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