How to set the dates for your on-call schedule

There are four easy ways to set date ranges when you are building your on-call schedule. In this tutorial, you'll learn about:

After your staff members and schedule type have been added, click the yellow  Schedule button to the right of the Expiring column to build out your dates.

At the top of the next screen, you'll see the  Schedule expires status, the Start / Stop Time (Schedule runs from), the Timezone, and the schedule Type that you selected during setup. Just below the grey bar, you'll see Set the schedule for followed by the name of the schedule you are editing.

Infinity Scheduling

At the bottom left of the schedule name, you will see the infinity symbol,  ∞. Infinity is the default scheduling option and it would be used if you are building a schedule that will never change. Creating the schedule using this option will infinitely populate calendar dates with the staff members you select.

It is important to note that choosing   does not mean that you are unable to make changes to the schedule. From the calendar view, you can edit individual dates, clear the entire schedule, or clear individual months. You can also set a specific date range to override the initial programming.

The system has a fail-safe in place in the event that you've inadvertently selected  . When you attempt to save the schedule, you'll see the pop-up below. At this point, you can click Yes to continue with the infinity option, or click No to start over.

Schedule Active From / To
By clicking the radio button in front of  Schedule active, you can build out your schedule for a specific date range. You'll use the From and To calendar pop-ups to set your start and end dates.

When selecting a date range, keep your Start / Stop Time in mind. Remember that it is a 24-hour period from X:00 or X:30 time on any given day to X:59 or X:29 on the following day. For example, if you would like to build out your schedule from June 1st to June 7th, but your start time is 5:00 p.m., then you'll need to set your date range from May 31st to June 7th in order to ensure that the morning of the 1st is included.

Note that the Schedule active pop-up calendar is formatted  Monday through Sunday.

Using the Quick Set Feature

On the far right, the  Quick set options make scheduling a breeze. These are useful if your schedule rotates with the same people, in the same order. To the right of For, use the drop down menu to Set Days from any of the following options:

  • Days of the Week (e.g. Every Monday)
  • Every Weekend
  • Every Weekday
  • Every Other Weekend
  • Every Other Day
  • This Month
  • Next Month

Then,  Set the Period of time that you'd like the schedule to apply. For the majority of options, the Set Period menu will consist of:

  • This Month
  • Next Month
  • Next 2 Months
  • Next 3 Months

If you have selected the Quick set options  Every Other Weekend or Every Other Day, you'll need to Set the Start in addition to the period. This will determine whether the schedule will begin alternating on the 1st weekend / 2nd weekend, or 1st or 2nd day of the month.

Click and Drag Scheduling

You can also click and drag on the monthly calendar to schedule a number of days at a time.

1. Left click on the date your schedule begins, and drag the mouse to the date your schedule ends. The dates you select will show as highlighted. In the image below, the 13th through the 17th are highlighted.

2. Once your dates are highlighted and you release the mouse, a pop-up will open asking you if you'd like to  ScheduleDelete or Cancel your selection.

3. Click the yellow  Schedule button, and the page will navigate to the Set the schedule for section, showing you the Schedule active dates you've selected.

Now that you've set the dates for your schedule, it's time to build it! Visit the tutorials listed below for step-by-step instructions.

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