Adding an On-Call Schedule

Before filling the calendar for your on-call, you'll need to add your staff members, and then create the schedule by following the instructions below. The schedule is just a blank placeholder for the on-call dates you'll build. In this tutorial, you'll learn about:

Creating a New Schedule

1. From the On-Call page, scroll down to the  Schedules section, and click the green Add schedule button on the right. A pop-up window will open. All fields except HIPAA (applicable to accounts that deal with Protected Health Information) and Email alert are required.

Schedule Parameters

1.  Name: This will be the name of your on-call schedule. For example, Service Emergencies.

2.  Timezone: From the drop down menu, select the time zone for your business. By default, the drop down menu will show only U.S. time zones.

For an extended time zone list, click the checkbox next to Display all time zones, and the drop down menu will expand to include a global list.

3.  Start / Stop Time: This denotes what time your on-call personnel will change shifts. For example, if your on-call changes hands at 8:00 AM, select that time. Selecting 8:00 AM here would denote a 24-hour period, e.g. from 8:00 AM on any given day to 7:59 AM on the following day.

4.  HIPAA Enabled: If your business is subject to HIPAA regulations, then HIPAA Enabled must be checked. This ensures that the operators will not leave patients’ Protected Health Information on voicemail.

Types of On-Call Schedules

Type denotes which On-Call schedule you are creating. The options are Automated Reach , Warm Patch, Cold Patch, and Email Only.

  • Reach is limited to a maximum of 10 dial outs. 
  • Warm patch is limited to 2 people, with 2 dial-outs.
  • Cold patch is limited to 1 person, and the call will be transferred directly.
  • Email Only is limited to a maximum of 7 email addresses.

Adding Email Alerts
The scheduling system allows you to send Email alerts to any employee with an email address listed in the Staff members section of the on-call app. There are a variety of possibilities for who receives messages depending on which Type of on-call schedule you’ve created.
All messages will be sent from and may contain the subject, “SAS Notification.” Messages can be sent as text alerts to your mobile phone's email to text address, and they can also be sent to your standard email address. We can send customized message details, just the basics, or a message that lets you know you have a new call.

For more information on schedule types and corresponding email alerts, visit this article

Saving a Schedule

After you have completed all fields, click the blue  Save icon in the bottom right of the pop-up. Your on-call schedule will now appear under the Schedules section, and the Schedule Complete Until column will say Expired.

New schedules will also show a green Integrate button. This indicates that they have not yet been linked to your script.

Updating the Schedule Parameters

If necessary, you can edit Name, Time zone, Email alerts and the Start / Stop time (if you are creating a standard schedule) by clicking the blue  Settings button. However, once Start / Stop Time (for custom schedules) and HIPAA details are entered and saved, they cannot be edited.

At this point, you've set the parameters for your schedule. Now, you'll need to update the calendar. Visit the tutorials listed below for step-by-step instructions!

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