Using SAS variables in your Google Calendar email templates

With the Advanced settings feature in the Google Calendar app, you can send appointment Schedule, Reschedule and Cancel emails to your customers, as long as we have asked them for their email address prior to popping out to the calendar.

The app provides a pre-filled template that contains a short message regarding the appointment. However, you can customize the email format with the caller's name, along with any specific message you'd like to include.

Before you can customize the confirmation, you'll need to Configure an Outbound Mailbox. This will display the sender's information.

Available Email Variables

There are 4 variables that can be used when sending appointment emails. To ensure that the message is sent with the correct data, variables must be entered in brackets with no spaces.

  • {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} - These fields will populate the caller's First and Last Name, as entered by the operator.
  • {{Email}} - This will populate the caller's email address, as entered by the operator. The system will use this address to send out the confirmation message.
  • {{TimeScheduled}} - This will populate the time of the appointment. 
  • {{DateScheduled}}- This will populate the date of the appointment.

Creating Your Appointment Email

Open the Google Calendar app, and check  Appointment email under Advanced settings. Each option will have an Active default template.

To create your own message, click on the radio button next to  Email subject. Here, you'll type your subject, add the caller's name and appointment date and time, if desired, and write your customized message. Note that you can create distinct templates for Appointment Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel.

When you're done, don't forget to click  Save configuration!

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