How to listen to and download a call

Your answering service portal provides an easy way for you to listen to and download audio recordings of your live telephone calls. The quick tutorial below will tell you how to:

NOTE: You will only be able to listen to your calls if you have call recordings turned on. If we are collecting payment information from callers, recordings will be turned off during that portion of the call. Call recordings are available for 60 days.

Listen To and Download A Call

Shortly after a call has been completed, the recording will be available in your portal. Follow the steps below to learn how to access it:

1. Upon logging in to your portal, your first view will be of the  Calls screen where you will see a display of all of your most recent calls.

2. Locate and select the call you would like to listen to. On the new page that opens, click the Play button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen underneath the Audio section. 

To download the audio file, click the 3-dot icon and select Download.

Emailing and Printing a Call

In addition to downloading the recording, you can email it or print the details directly from the  Call Details page of your answering service portal. 

1. From the main Calls page, select the call you wish to print or email. Then, click either the Print or Email button. 

Clicking Print will bring up your computer's print function. Clicking Email will bring up the below pop-up. In this window you can enter in the email(s) you would like to forward the message to, and include an optional note. 

Congratulations! If you've read through this tutorial, you've learned how to listen to a call, download a recording, and email a recording. Remember that recordings are only kept for 60 days so if you need to download or listen to them, you will not be able to retrieve them after 60 days.

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